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Polish Film Days

Reykjavik Short & Docs Festival 2013
Polish Film Institute

NUR in partnership with Reykjavik Short&Docs Festival, PWSFTviT and PISF has curated a three-day-long program called ''Polish Film Days'' that took place in Ísafjörður, 26th' - 29th of May 2013. This festval was intented to enhance the cultural exchange between Poland and Iceland.


The DVD box set that has been prepared shows the succsess of such an exchange, not only between the Polish and Icelandic film students but also NUR and PWSFTviT. The NUR team is proud to be a part of such an important event.


Drop by to NUR's office (Piotrkowska 17) to pick up your copy​.




- “Invisible Border” (“Niewidzialna granica”) dir. Haukur M, 2010, PWSFTviT, documentary, 9’30’’
“Exit Point” (“Punkt Wyjścia”) dir. Jagoda Szelc, 2012, PWSFTviT, documentary, 17’35”
“Arena” dir. Martin Rath, 2013, NUR/PWSFTviT, fiction, 23’
“Bruised” (“Áverkar”) DOP. Ásta Júlía Guđjónsdóttir, 2013, NUR, fiction, 9’30”
“Who is Arvid Pekon?” (“Kim jest Arvid Pekon?”) dir. Patrik Eriksson, 2013, NUR, fiction, 12”37’

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