100 Years Long

Title – 100 Years Long / Original title – 100​ / Film by Łukasz Długołęcki / Cinematography by Ásta Júlía Guðjónsdóttir / Editing by Kacper Plawgo /

Genre: documentary / Duration: approx. 50 min. / Year of premiere: 2015 / Location: Poland, Germany, Italy, Wales, Iceland

100 Years Long

The bulk of the society has never treated older people too serious. Older the person is, more he or she is seen as a museum object, not an actual human being. Their knowledge and life experience always talked about stayed more as a slogan, proper historical source, not a real reference.

Are seniors any different from the representatives of younger generations? Don’t they have their own little passions? Are their personal micro cosmoses just slow and boring?

And then, the oldest ones... 100, 101 or even 113. Are they really here just to be asked about what’s their secret of long-lasting life by some random journalist? What is there that keeps them going and what bothers them the most? No matter the latitude.

“100 Years Long” is designed as a series of portraits focusing on various aspects of 100-year-old people’s lives, which raises basic questions about passion, consequence and isolation.