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Dreamhouse Project

We believe that our foundation can not only exists in our minds and without a place to call home.

We are serious about creating a community where people can go to on a regular basis, a place for people to get involved in, a home for ideas and productivity. In a city which has a lot of beautiful abandoned buildings that only need love and nurture to be turned into it’s former glory, we want to influence others to do the same, the best way to do that is to show everyone that it is possible.

During last few years we have been scouting the city to make a list of abandon buildings which fit to our concept for renovation. The numerous uninhabited properties give a vast variety of opportunities for creating new centers of culture, business and entertainment.

From lectures, screenings and exhibitions to concerts and networking events, we envisage NUR as a new hub for creative professionals and non-professionals to interact and exchange ideas with the support of an organization that can help nurture new talent.

But it’s not all about events and social networking. This place would also be a place to work. If you need a place to have your production meeting, edit a film or make sound design on your project, or just to come for a coffee and talk about nothing and everything.  

It's our hope that in the next two years we can establish the idea of this project which is much more than just revitalizing old historical building.

We have already made some progress and we are currently in negotiations about few properties. There is an army of people waiting to be put to work both as professionals and volunteers as soon we get the keys to our ‘’Dream House".

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