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Title – Arena / Film by Martin Rath / Cinematography by Bartosz Świniarski / Sound design by Artur Walaszczyk / Genre: short fiction / Duration: 23 min. / Year of production: 2013 / Location: Poland / Film in co-production with PWSFTviT and Isyrius Foundation

Mikołaj Chroboczek
Piotr Dmyszewicz
Marcin Kowalczyk



A hitchhiker is taken in by a remote Polish mountain community. Absorbed by the charismatic locals and unforgiving harshness of his new environment he constitutes his presence in the mountains. But to whom do we have to prove of what we are made?


Director's Bio

Martin Rath grew up in East Berlin. He is currently studying at the Polish National Film School in Lodz (PWSFTviT).

His first year short documentary "Written in Ink" won numerous awards including the Black Pearl Award in Abu Dhabi and awards in Milan, New York and Santiago de Chile. In 2012 "Written in Ink" has been the most screened Polish short film on the international festival circuit with over 100 official selections world-wide including SXSW and Hot Docs.

In 2013 Martin completed his 20 min fiction short film "Arena".


Note that...


..."Arena" (toghether with Patrik Eriksson's "Who is Arvid Pekon?") will represent NUR at 38th Gdynia Film Festival - "Young Cinema Competition".

Film co-produced by:





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