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Lucky Shot

Title – Lucky Shot / Original title – Happaskot / Film by Haukur M / Written by Haukur M & Nikolai Galitzine / Genre: feature fiction /

Duration: approx. 90 min. / Year of premiere: 2015 / Location: Iceland



A young man sets his heart on becoming the leader of a gang, only to learn that being the best is not everything it’s cracked up to be.




‘’The moment when you know you are different is a point when you separate from the crowd’’.


This is a coming of age drama set in a small fishing village on the east coast of Iceland. It follows BALDUR (18), a teacher’s son, who has set his heart on becoming the king of the youths.

Set over one lazy summer, in the land where the sun never sets, "Lucky Shot" refers to an incident that occurs during a drunken goose hunt. A lucky shot that will change Baldur’s life forever.

This is a film about a forced friendship within a small fishing village in Iceland, set in 1996 during the day when Liverpool and Manchester United played for the FA Cup. In this place you’re either a Liverpool or a Manchester fan.

The film centers around group of boys who in the beginning of the story believe that they are all good friends, but as the day progresses things start to fall apart within the group.

Heavy drinking will eventually bring to the surface the real feelings that they have for each other.

Inferiority complexes, envy and pack mentality will force them into a situation with serious consequences.

"Lucky Shot" by Klaus

Info on key crew involved:


Director - Haukur M Hrafnsson
Writers - Haukur M & Nikolai Galitzine
Cinematographer - Ásta Júlía Guðjónsdóttir
Editor - Sverrir Kristjánsson
Production Designer - Þorgeir Frímann Óðinsson
Visual Effects - Jóhann Örn Reynisson

Producer - Łukasz Długołęcki

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