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NUR is a foundation established by three people from Poland and Iceland, during their studies in The National Polish Film School in Lodz, Poland.

After its’ establishment in May of 2012, NUR foundation managed to accomplish production of five short films, and started development of two feature projects. One fiction film called Lucky Shot and a documentary called New Blood which already has development fund from the Polish Film Institute. NUR also has started long-term projects such as: bringing back to life abandoned monument as an open film center and a venue for all foundation’s activities (among others: film festivals and projections, concerts, lectures, theatre shows).

NUR is focused on supporting and initiating artistic activities, with film as priority. It is seeking, creating and promoting new forms of artistic expression and innovative methods of supporting the evolution of cultural environment.

Being based in Łódź, hometown of The National Polish Film School, NUR stands in front of vast range of opportunities for helping the growth of film- and culture-friendly environment of the city, which used to be called the “Film capital of Poland”. Rapid aging of the society, economic problems, emigration attracted by other urban centers as well as other social characteristics have become the inspiration for founders of NUR to initiate their action to raise awareness and belief in collective community.

NUR - foundation and independent film production company based in Łódź, Poland
Established in March 2012


Address: Łódź 90-220, Kamińskiego st. 26/5
KRS number: 0000419271
NIP number: 7252060086



+48 516 424 707 (PL)

+354 694 81 10 (IS)

+48 664 466 072 (PL)


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